Lost season 6 episode 18 online dating

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"Featured character(s)" refers to the character(s) who is centered on in the episode's flashbacks or flashforwards. A clip-show recapping the first three seasons titled "Lost: Past, Present & Future" preceded the season premiere episode.

Upon learning that Penny did not send the freighter, the survivors of 815 split into two groups led by Jack and Locke.

and on CTV in Canada on January 31, 2008, and concluded on May 29, 2008. The regular directors were Bender and co-executive producer Stephen Williams.

John Terry appears as Jack and Claire's deceased father Christian Shephard.

Rebecca Mader acts as anthropologist Charlotte Lewis from the freighter.

Daniel Dae Kim plays the non-English speaking Jin Kwon and Yunjin Kim plays his pregnant wife Sun.

The eighth episode, which served as the mid-season finale as a result of the writers' strike, brought in 11 million, Despite the decline in viewers, Lost consistently ranked within the top 20 programs of the week with one exception.

The finale topped the chart, due to its broadcast being over a week after the official end of the television season.

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