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The term functional foods was first introduced in Japan in the mid-1980s and refers to processed foods containing ingredients that aid specific bodily functions in addition to being nutritious.The Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board (IOM/FNB, 1994) defined functional foods as “any food or food ingredient that may provide a health benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains.” (Ref) It is estimated that over one tonne of mkombelo roots are consumed every month in the Kenyan town Kakamega alone.Men and adolescent boys were reported to be the main consumers, although there is a lot of ‘hidden’ consumption by women and adolescent girls (Ref) Mondia whytei is a fast growing climbing plant widely distributed in tropical Africa from West Africa to eastern and southern Africa, extending from Guinea through Cameroon to East Africa.In Kenya its more prevalent in the remnant tropical rain forest of Kakamega and its outliers Malava, Kisero and Bunyala, scattered in Nandi forests and ranges, Chyulu hills, Mt. Kenya ecosystem and some parts of Coastal regions especially Arabukosokoke and in Malawi, Uganda.Among the Maasai community, where the herb is called Olmkonkora, it is thought to give power to leaders.All of these have however, been overshadowed by the belief that the herb is a cure of impotence or makes one desire sex and it is mainly this belief that the herb enhances desire for sex together with its flavouring properties and ability to manage STDs seems to be the cause why there is a growing market for it roots in East Africa.

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So great is the interest in substances that might boost the libido and sex drive that entire species, of both botanical and animal origin, are being endangered because of this insatiable appetite such as the Rhino.A product developed from the powdered is known as Mondia Tonic and is packed in a 50 grams tin.There are also plans to develop sachets out of it, which could be dropped in a cup of hot or cold liquid or beverages.Typically, however, the history of aphrodisiacs is centered on herbs, plants and spices.The quest for aphrodisiacs are perhaps as old as the human race itself and records of people associating food, potions, scent or ritual with success in love are part of Man’s earliest documents.

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