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"But in the course of talking we started thinking about, 'What if the Eagles were gonna continue?' and what would that be, and gradually some clarity started to come in.

As a result, he has to undergo sensitivity training, have all of his test questions screened by another member of staff and his classes will be supervised.The pair will play San Francisco's AT&T Park on September 20 and will be joined by The Doobie Brothers for a September 22 appearance at San Diego's Petco Park.An American Express Card Members presale begins Tuesday, January 16 at 10 AM local time with general public seats available Friday, January 19 at 10 AM local time."Weekend Update" host Colin Jost got a visit from Human Resources on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, and got some pointers on sexual harassment in the workplace. "You know, you'd be surprised how many people get that wrong. " NEWS: 'Saturday Night Live' Takes Aim At Harvey Weinstein Scandal, Pulls No Punches With Biting Commentary Claire's follow-up question concerns consent. " (answer: "never") and, "When talking to a co-worker in the office, where should you keep your penis? While Jost passed the test, Claire from HR didn't take much solace in it."I'm sure I'll be back next week, and the week after that, forever and ever, because all of this isn't just a scandal and it didn't just start last week.The amazing sketch saw Cecily Strong playing Claire, NBC's frazzled and over-worked HR representative, who stops by to give Jost a little refresher course in appropriate office behavior in the wake of the myriad of sexual harassment and misconduct scandals rocking Hollywood in recent weeks. Or C: Bully her out of the entire industry.""I'm gonna say 'A,'" Jost answers, without hesitation."Yes! Holding up a photograph of a random professionally dressed woman, the HR rep asks, "So, you run into your co-worker at the office. It's just actual reality for half of the population," Claire said somberly before drinking some hand sanitizer in an attempt to cleanse her soul.

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