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The programme features an ordering and payment tool that allows you to make purchases in a variety of ways wherever you are – at home, abroad or even online.

For more information about how a Visa Company card can help your business please contact your issuing bank.

It frees your organisation to focus on the important things.

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Visa’s corporate services enable mid-sized and large businesses to simplify their procurement processes, streamline expenses, and better manage employee spend.

How to get a Visa Debit card Prepaid cards are pre-loaded with a set amount of money, offering cardholders convenience, security and control.

Instead of being linked to a bank account or providing a line of credit, a prepaid card is used to access funds in a prepaid account or one where monetary value is stored on a chip.

But everyone has different needs, approaches, and priorities.

Visa Consulting and Analytics helps clients establish innovative and value-creating payment solutions.

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