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Asmae Kabba, President of the Moroccan Association against Violence and Homelessness, is following the case closely and her organization is providing support to the victims.Kabba confirmed to MWN that during the first hearing on January 5, the defendant admitted to drugging and raping the two young girls.The defendant, however, was released after the parents of the minor girls affirmed that the French suspect is someone they know.On January 1, a barber in Makhfia caught the French man red-handed as he was committing sexual assaults against two little girls.The social activists are also counseling the girls to overcome the incidents. Doctor Wissal El Mghari, told Morocco World News that the victims are not aware of what happened to them.“ They are not aware of what they have been through and the danger they were exposed to by this man.” MWN has also received a copy of the suspect’s passport, but cannot reveal on his identity until the police investigating released his details.The barber, who gave his testimonies to both police and Al Yaoum24 said that when he performed the Isha prayer on January 1, he saw a girl waiting in front of the tailoring workshop, where the suspect committed the sexual assault against the two little girls.

The psychologist said that the real struggle will be with the neighborhood residents “who might accuse or insult the girls, which is very dangerous.” El Mghari added that she has proposed therapies for the victims’ mothers in order for them to know how to treat their little girls, who were victims of rape. Dat is als je geen kinderen wil krijgen en hun ziet als iets "normaals", als een gewoon (volwassen) mens. Ik haat zulke mensen echt het meest, een moordenaar kan nog weleens de juiste persoon hebben vermoord, maar dit kan je nooit de "juiste" kinderen aandoen.

Polisario militia from the demilitarized border crossing earned the North African Kingdom a diplomatic victory as the Polisario, now more than ever, is seen by the international community as a source of instability in the region.

Morocco’s Ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, told the Moroccan news agency (MAP) that the Polisario’s provocations in the Guerguarat crossing represent a blatant violation of the UN brokered ceasefire agreement and a disregard for the calls made by the UN Secretary General for the withdrawal of all troops from the demilitarized buffer strip.

MWN has been in touch with Khadija Hajoubi, another social activist and President of the Nour Caravan association for Friendship and Social Development in Fez, who also represents the victims.

Hajoubi informed MWN that the Frenchman was detained and questioned by police since mid-2016 for suspected sexual assault.

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