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Sometimes a mutation in the genes on the sex chromosomes results in a disorder.

Is there medical centers/labs/doctors at Chennai who treats such biotin related gene disorder? Now I am planning for another kid but before that want to be sure of the underlying reason for my daughter's condition and the chances of recurrence in future pregnancies. Ashok Prasad who is a professor also holding a genetic counseling masters from Brandeis University. but I want to know whether there is any other ideal option for us.

He works only on a charitable basis in Gorakhpur but am sure could be persuaded to advise you Hello doctor, we had a child who was effected by spinal muscullar attrophy[type one].

He was born 2 weeks ago in USA and is using biotin 5MG tablets now.

They are in USA and want to come to Chennai - in 3 months from now [2-June-2015]. Hello Doctor, can you please suggest the best place in India for genetic counseling.

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