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Jaspers had concluded that academic philosophy of the 1920s was seriously deficient.

In 1929 he spent a term at Heidelberg University, and there attended the lectures of Professor Karl Jaspers (1883-1969), who was then developing the ideas published in his (1932).

He subsequently became an associate Professor at the University of Vienna, teaching political science at the Faculty of Law.

In 1910 he moved to Vienna, where he gained a doctorate in political science.

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Yet Voegelin later concluded that this existentialist drastically circumscribed the reality of "world-transcendent being." (2) During 1933-38 at Vienna, Voegelin read extensively in the literature of the neo-Thomist movement.Husserl considered the modern period to culminate in his phenomenology.Voegelin was beginning to see that existentialism and phenomenology were strong limitations.However, it was not merely the "will to power" that aroused his disdain.Although a Lutheran in his upbringing, Voegelin came to distrust the ecclesiastical establishment.

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